Coppice products

There are many commercial uses for coppice products, and you will need to spend time developing your market and being innovative in developing and selling your products. There may be a local coppice association who can provide help, (see links) or you may be able to group together with other coppice workers for marketing purposes.
You may also be able to sell coppice material to other craftsmen, such as thatchers, woodturners, hurdle makers and others. Advertise locally, and through networks such as Ecolots and WoodLots.


The list of coppice products is possibly endless, and there are a great number of variations on which timber to use, how to prepare the product the the end result. The list below is not definitive, if you wish to add to it please add to the comments.

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Sofia Sancho Vargas 29 May, 2012

Im interested in making one teepee for my garden, and I have been told by a friend that I could get the materials from thios sites. Please could you replay to my email adress. Thanks

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