Woodland types

Each type of coppice woodland could be managed in different ways. Tree species prefer different soils and grow at different rates. In terms of biodiversity, a variety of species in a woodland might be preferred.

The management of the woodland might vary depending on the goals of the woodland manager. Growing long straight poles for example might require the coppice stools to be planted closely together. There is not just one way of managing a coppice woodland and it is possible to combine goals. For example, coppicing for firewood can have a positive effect on the wildlife and plants in the wood.

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murray 7 June, 2012

why is coppicing for firewood good for the wildlife and and flora, in what ways does it help?
I am one of those 'forest school' people trolling through 36 assignments, help!

Tracy 11 June, 2012

Hi, if you read through the biodiversity section of this website, I think you will find some answers!
Best wishes

Jordan 6 February, 2013

How can I find out where different types of coppiced woodland are found in the UK?

Andrew 10 July, 2013

Hey do you know where I could find a coppice with standards planting plan, I am studying landscape architecture and need to show the planting arrangement of the coppice with standards, any help would be appreciated

many thanks

sorted 28 September, 2013

I have found this more than helpful on my assignments for my level 3 enviromental conservation

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